Fields of Expertise

I have worked as a translator and consultant in various projects aiming at improving human resources processes in HR departments. During my work,
I obtained an excellent insight into the personnel processes of large and medium-sized companies. This knowledge and experience are fundamental to the accurate and precise translation of all contents related to Human Resources Management.

I offer translations of the following contents and documents (amongst others):
Human Resources & IT
  • User interfaces and training material for HR applications
  • Contents für electronic HR processes, e.g. self services
  • Career portals in the intranet and internet
  • Contents for IT-based personnel development

Human Resources Management
  • Employment contracts, regulations
  • Target agreements, compensation plans
  • Performance appraisals, testimonials

Recruitment & Talent Management
  • Job profiles, competence frameworks
  • Job adverts
  • Interview questionnaires
  • Aptitude tests and assessments

If required, I also provide proof-reading, editing and writing services.